With our firm belief in the importance of bespoke design solutions, we’ve been working with our clients to communicate their messages, define their identities and build their brands.

Despite our reputation for expressive imagery and custom typography, our firm conviction is that each and every one of our design solutions must balance the desire to connect with individuals on an emotional level with the need for direct, strategic and effective communication.

Thi Nguyen is a designer/artist based in Sydney with a strong interest in form and communication. After completing a BA of Design (Visual Communication) (Honours) at the University of Western Sydney, she has created acclaimed work for a diverse range of clients and her work has been recognised both locally and internationally. She is in constant pursuit to change the way people feel by creating engaging experiences that are both meaningful and memorable. Thi’s expertise allows her to develop highly creative solutions and systematic thinking to create award winning projects.

Thi is represented internationally by Input/Output, Hong Kong and has been globally recognised by the following awards and selected initiatives.

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