The cultural significance of technology is its power to create new forms of embodied and embedded interaction with the world and each other. In doing so it brings into existence new ways of doing, thinking and being.

Thi Nguyen is an artist based in Sydney and Hong Kong with a strong interest in creating dialogue with audiences based on either satisfying an interpretation of goal states or creating new emergent states based on ambiguous assumptions of desires.

She uses art interventions as a research tool to embed technology into complex social contexts and to reveal something about those contexts and developments of new media and how their uses unfold together.

Her work illustrates how play and new media responds to human stimuli in order to change the way we reconfigure ourselves by addressing our individual, social and environmental needs.

In 2013, Thi has turned her focus on installations and gallery work, and exhibited at Museum of Sydney, Vivid Sydney and Bangarra Dance Theatre.

In 2015, Thi was invited by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to be one of three Australian Design representatives to exhibit at Beijing Design Week.

Thi Nguyen is represented by Input/Output Gallery, Hong Kong.