This interactive light installation interprets movement, gestures and dance into evolving compositions. It explores expressive ways of creating and performing flurries of light through capturing the motion and energy of the body.

Our body is a vessel for emotional expression. We have a natural instinct to express ourselves through movement. This installation explores this and combines it with our subconscious desire to create.

This work is designed for I-Manifest, an innovative organisation that passionately believes that new thinking can solve the current youth unemployment crisis. I-Manifest recognises that in a rapidly changing world, creativity is the new currency. They provide pathways for young people to pursue real, sustainable careers in the creative economy.

The installation was first exhibited at the entry foyer of The Swifts, the $60 million dollar home of Dr Shane and Penny Moran, as part of the I-Manifest Fundraising Gala.
Art Director_ Thi Nguyen
Technical Designer and Developer_ Thi Nguyen
Sound Composition_ Alison Cole/Groove Q
Production_ AV-24/7

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