Revelation is a 52km string installation in Lane Four at The Galeries and was the featured as the first part of the Transition series, curated by The Artistry. The Galeries, intends Lane Four to send a powerful message to consumers using the evolving city retail space. If you’ve walked through an ever-changing art gallery to get to your lunchtime shop, you have a good idea about the experience that awaits you inside.

The brief was to create an installation with the words ‘Revelation’ with string.

“We think Revelation is fantastic, stunning. We’re delighted with the way consumers are looking up and really enjoying the work as they move through the lane and it will be a wonderful addition to The Galeries experience in 2015. Over the 3 years we’ve been working with artists, this has been the most successful,” says The Galeries Marketing Manager, Shauna O’Hare.
Artist_ Thi Nguyen
Production_ The Artistry
Photography_ Damien Milan
Video_ Masses Collective

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