Trace is a glowing streak of light that traces movements in real time. Interactive landscapes can create situations where visitors and public spaces are as one. Trace encourage us to leave our isolated self and interact with the greater social group perhaps merely for the joy of playing and contributing to an interactive artefact. The installation consisted of a 25 sqm LED display fitted with microphones and sensors that were lined along the walkway in The Galeries, Sydney. There are several moods within the landscape; when nobody is there, it will fall asleep – glooming softly – but then as soon as you enter, light appears where you walk, as an extension of your activities. When you make a lot of noise the landscape goes crazy – lightning crashes.
Art Director_ Thi Nguyen
Technical Designer and Developer_ Thi Nguyen and Steven Bai
Producer_ Maud and Alfred
Branding_ Maud
Video_ Dave Katague

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