Radiating a ghostly white light, Sphera is a large, ethereal globe that beckons you towards it, inviting you to explore its mystery through touch.

As you make contact with the orb, it comes to life, emitting incandescent sparks of light. There’s a kind of wizardry in being able to control light directly with your hands; at your fingertips lies the power to create hypnotic patterns of light. You can explore what feels like a natural way of creating, directing and performing with light in real-time.

Sphera taps into our natural instinct for self-expression through gesture, and our subconscious desire to create – even more so, our desire to create something beautiful. Through your very human movements and touch, you animate mysterious sources of power, transmuting them into exquisite moments of ephemeral beauty. With the touch of your fingers, this eerily beautiful world produces flurries of ‘snow’, inviting you to reflect on the delicate splendour of nature. People can play and share their stories of light.
Creative Director_ Thi Nguyen
Technical Designer and Developer_ Thi Nguyen
Assistant_ Dave Katague
Architect_ Laura Lay
Preparator_ Stephen Hamper

Special thanks to Mehmet Akten and Dr Paul Bourke

Project supported by Western Sydney University and Intel